【We wanted to invite, I will accompany you to the The end of life.】


【A multiple choice, but the answer is you.】


【Don't stand on your point of view, you can't understand.】


【Our love can not tolerate other people.】


【Life has entered a retreat, lose what can not lose the mood.】


【Do you also remember how long did not say love me.】


【The most ordinary love, the most people rely on.】


【I like that, I like you.】


【With you to the old, and you have a good.】


【This summer is warm and sunny, you give me the best int(梦幻文章网www.juzisw.cn)erpretation.】


【Love doesn't have to be perfect, it's enough for you!】


【Follow the steps you through the remotest corners of the globe.】


【You say we are still young, cute love will be old.】


【You give the care, is the reason for my happy.】


【Innocent years can not bear to deceive, youth absurd not to bear you.】


【You sit in my heart the most expensive and most of the place to make tears.】


【Flowers in first Century, love the heart of the sky.】


【The one I love is my lover.】


【Beauty is happiness, happiness is a flower, but also a leaf.】


【You said that because of me, so I won the world.】


【Your name is my favorite English word.】


【If there is no love in the world, then how good.】


【I love you, as long as I accompanied.】


【What status do you have, you have an ID card.】


【At the beginning of the cross, love is always too soon.】


【Where I am, there is no time for you to bear hardships.】


【I don't want to get married but I just want to marry you.】


【We say not to separate, to have been together.】


【I will insist on your oh.】


【I don't last forever, as long as you give me happiness.】


【Love just because I want you love me.】


【As long as the call to her daughter-in-law, you have to take life to cherish.】


【Do not hope, do not expect, there will be no disappointment.】


【Fool yourself into him, not so great.】


【Love does not love me deep enough.】


【Maybe death, perhaps gebendongxi.】


【We hand in hand, together to the end of the world.】


【Our story is always so beautiful.】


【As long as you live, you will be able to meet the delicious.】


【You are my North Star, tell me the way to go.】


【You firmly in my heart, I can not escape.】


【I don't have the talent, you can accept her.】


【Love without words for the media, all at the hint.】


【I can be at your side until The end of life.】


【I love you from the beginning, check in.】


【You say where to go after you ask me, I smiled happily.】


【Indulge in your smile.】


【There is no cold man in the world, but he is not you.】


【If it is not for me, it is you forget the time.】


【I love you, you love me. Love also needs to match.】


【The invisible man replied that he was not far away from you.】


【The city where you live is the source of my missing.】


【Can you put your heart into my heart.】


【I would never give up, and you will never change until death.】


【I have lost youth, is willing to accompany you to the old.】


【She is left-handed, we can eat hand in hand!】


【Even if I'm on your shoulder, I'll cry and laugh!】


【Give me my life, just to give you a half.】


【Not afraid of his wife, but because he loves his wife.】


【You are the sun, I am the light, we are indispensable.】


【Love, or make people mature, or let people fall.】


【No matter how tired and sleepy, you will want to chat with you.】


【Even if the whole world to leave you, there is one I come to accompany.】


【Happiness is when I am down, you are like an angel to me.】


【That person is not polite, class when the old don't talk to me.】


【You accompany me to watch the world slowly to sleep on the roof.】


【In the boundless sea, how to tell you that I love.】


【His wife coaxed the spoil is not a shame, this is called love.】


【Unless loess bones, I keep you free time.】


【To love or to be loved, in fact, is a kind of joy.】


【Love me you say, put in the heart more rough.】


【Like a fairy tale, because it as a childhood.】


【How many past memories, sweet in my heart.】


【As long as you like, I can always be by your side.】


【Our love, hope there is no period.】


【For love you dare not still can not.】


【I'm blocking all the time only love you a person.】


【How lucky I am to be able to meet you.】


【I have short hair, so don't push me away.】


【Along the track of memory, look for your footprints.】